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Good quality Plastic Cosmetic Tubes for sales
Good quality Plastic Cosmetic Tubes for sales
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Quality Standard for Empty Aluminum Tubes with Screw Caps


This specification is applicable to aluminum tubes with screw caps (bouchons) used for ointment dispensing. The specification contains listed requirements for quality and storage conditions of aluminum tubes. The specification is developed in accordance with the requirements of the “Rules for organization of drug production and quality control, approved by the State Food and Drug Administration.



Name of parameters Regulatory documentation requirements Methods of analysis

Aluminum tubes with screw caps (bouchons):

- type B

- type I

Regulatory document BS 2006: 1984  
Supplier Tube plant, Leningradskaya region  

Tube plant, LLC, Kharkov

TUBEKS, CJSC, Leningradskaya region

Sampling In accordance with SOP – “Guideline for acceptance, sampling and quarantine of source and packaging materials”.  
Income control

In accordance with requirements of

BS 2006: 1984


Tubes dimensions


According to table and figure in Attachment A BS 2006: 1984
Outer surface of tube: 

The free edge of the tuba body shall be straightened, without torn or curved edges and compressed marks. Any aluminum burrs are not allowed in the tube neck. 


Visual control


а) Enamel coating


A band completely or partially uncovered by enamel is allowed at a distance 1.0 ± 0.5 mm from the open end of the body.  Visual control
б) Printed text According to the original layout  Visual control
в) Stability of enamel and printing inks to water 

Shall be water resistant, shall not be washed and blurred.


BS 2006: 1984

г) Appearance of decorative coating


Decorative coating shall be clear. The following is allowed:

- half-tint deviation of colors by a penton;

- overlapping band at circular printing, width up to 2 mm;

- misprints of area 0,3 mm2, in quantity not more than one per a tube or 0,1 mm2 n quantity not more than 3 per tube.

Visual control
Internal coating of tube  Shall be covered with a protective lacquer film. The coating shall be completely cured. Visual control

а) Lacquer film


The surface shall be even, shiny. The following is allowed:

- point inclusions of lacquer resin;

- film thickening in certain areas of the internal coating;

- dark points not more than 10 over area of 100 cm2;

- A band completely or partially uncovered with lacquer is allowed up to 2 mm from the open end of the tube body.

Visual control


б) porosity of the lacquer film according to electrical device with electrolyte

Not more than 2 мА


BS 2006: 1984
Not more than 25 мА BS 2006: 1984

в) Resistance of lacquer coating


No bubbles and lacquer layer separation. (lacquer layer separation is allowed t along the tubу cut off line).  BS 2006: 1984

Uncoated places, stains and local lacquer burns are not allowed. Teardrop stains of lacquer are allowed at place of transition from the cylindrical part of the tube to the tapered shoulder, which can withstand the lacquer film flexibility test when bending. 


BS 2006: 1984
г) Internal protective lacquer film thickness  0.005 ÷ 0.01 mm. BS 2006: 1984
д) Latex sealing ring width 10±1 mm, at distance 2±1 mm from open edge of the tube.  Visual control
Latex sealing ring

Application of the sealant ring

(Latex) inside the tube shall be uniform. 

Visual control

Rigidity of the tube body: 


d tube 19 mm – from 8 to 12 mm

d tube 25 mm – from 8 to 13 mm

BS 2006: 1984

d tube 19 mm – from 8 to 12 mm

d tube 25 mm – from 11 to 15 mm

BS 2006: 1984
Tightness of tube closure

The tube with the bushon screwed on it until tight shall be tight without fistulas and cuts, when the air pressure inside the tube is 0.05 MPa. For tubes with a membrane, the bushon shall ensure tightness of the tube when the membrane is punctured.

The tube is supplied with compressed air at pressure of 0.25 bar during 3 seconds, there shall be no bubbles.

BS 2006: 1984
Allowed number of defective tubes 

In accordance with the requirements

BS 2006: 1984

BS 2006: 1984

Tubes with screwed bushon shall be packed in boxes of corrugated cardboard or other containers that ensure safety of tube quality during transportation and storage. Tubes shall be laid with bushons down.

Both bottom and top of the box of corrugated cardboard shall be covered with a polymer film to protect the tubes from contamination.


Microbial purity

Bacteria up to 10 КОЕ;

Spore-forming bacteria - No;

Fungi - No.



  • Standard:SGS Testing Report


    Issue Date:2017-12-19

  • Standard:SGS Testing Reports


    Issue Date:2017-12-19

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